What is ECPP

The Eye Care Patient Portal (ECPP) is a web-based application that provides an easy way for you to check into your clinical data and treatment details online. Find information on your latest visits—including clinical summaries, medications, medication allergies, lab results, patient education, office news, and more.

The Eye Care Patient Portal makes it possible for you to check into your electronic health record any time at your convenience. If you are unsure what kind of medication was prescribed and when to take it or what your exact diagnosis is you can find the details on the ECPP.  The information you need or which you might want to discuss with a family member or another physician is available any time—day or night.



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Contact information

Union Square Eye Care

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2nd floor at 19th St.

New York, NY 10003

Phone: 212 844 2020

Fax: 212 844 8221          

Web: www.usqeyecare.com